The Multisensory Space

How to build the Multisensory Space for different purposes.

The idea of a multisensory space

The idea of the Multisensory Space is that it is an easily modified space that can be used for different purposes and can even be built in different environments. In planning the Multisensory Space, all the senses are given attention.

In the Multisensory Space, there is

  • something to see (photographs, videos)
  • something to touch (objects/items ,fabrics)
  • something to hear (music, birdsong, sounds or speech)
  • something to smell (fragrances, spices and herbs)
  • something to taste (finger foods and drinks)

The Space is intended to be a comfortable environment that encourages and promotes interaction between visitors. The Space can be set up as a permanent solution, for example, in a classroom or library, or used in a temporary mobile version of the Space. The options are introduced below.

The space as a permanent solution

1. The Multisensory Space at Laurea

a) a white side curtain (for projecting an image)

b) a curtain wall (curtains are changeable)

c) a carpet covering the floor

d) a wall (for decoration/curtains)


2. Work space


3. Storage


Room height: 327 cm


1. A projector (attached to the ceiling)

2. A desktop computer connected to the sound system of the room and the projector

3. A DVD player, a sound system and a CD player (AV equipment)

4. The room’s surround sound system

5. Wall (for projecting an image on the screen)



1. A portable projector

2. A laptop computer

3. A white side curtain (for projecting an image on the screen)

(4. A portable sound system – also to be used outside the classroom)

The mobile version of the space

Additionally, there is a mobile version of the space that can be set up at different public events and places. For this purpose, a structure like a fair stand with canvas walls has been used.

The measurements of the structure are 2.5 m x 2.5 m. On the whole, the same technical requirements are applied to the mobile space as in the permanent solution. With the mobile version, a laptop and a portable projector are used to project a large image onto the canvas wall. The projector is situated outside the space, so that the picture can be seen inside.

The size of the mobile version is relatively small, but it creates a cosy meeting space.  However, if the space does not need to be so intimate, the structure allows for the creation of a more open space by moving a few canvas walls.

For a successful event, please carefully plan the location of the space and take into account the surrounding sound and light conditions.